Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My 20 Things for 2015 Wish List

I love the days after Christmas. I know that Christmas is the summit of all activities in December. It is the day for welcoming the Christ. Unfortunately, in today's Christmas season (and perhaps it's been true for many years, and perhaps even decades) there is so much other stuff that gets layered in. Stuff that creates distraction and burden. I wish it weren't so, but I just haven't been able to unpack it fully or consistently enough in order to live fully focused during this season.

However, the days after Christmas, I love them. The burden seems lifted. The expectations no longer challenge me to do better, be better. The days after Christmas hold so much expectation (the positive kind) for new beginnings and opportunities. Certainly I know that will fade quickly in the reality of life; it's twists and turns and reversals are inevitable. But today it's all fresh and hopeful.

I have so many things I wish for 2015. These are not resolutions - I have no delusions that I can attempt, or do, or complete, a fraction of this list. But it feels for exhilarating to make a wish list. It's like painting a fresh canvas. How wonderful if I could make progress on the areas that apparently I believe would make life healthier, happier, more fulfilled and/or more memorable.

My 20 Things for 2015 Wish List
  1. Move more, eat less and lose 20 pounds (doesn't this simply cry out to be at, or near, the top of any list).
  2. Read a book a week, yep 52 books! (Create a shelf for all the books I want to read this year.)
  3. Read through the entire Bible (excited to try this reading plan).
  4. Scrapbook several years; actually I'd like to catch up completely, but since I'm around 10 years behind that seems like a stretch even for a wish list.
  5. Sell all my extra stuff on eBay, Craig's list and/or through a huge garage sale.
  6. Secure a new client; save a ton of money to pay for Matthew's college costs.
  7. Make a new upholstered headboard for our bedroom.
  8. Reupholster and refinish $5 estate sale chair.
  9. Clean out the crawl space and reduce by half the amount of stuff we store in there.
  10. Become a runner. First step, become a regular exerciser.
  11. Cook dinner most nights.
  12. Enjoy Matthew fully during these last 8 months before he leaves for college.
  13. Send a thank you, appreciate you, praying for you cards every week - 52 cards.
  14. Send birthday cards.
  15. Give away more gifts from my gift closet.
  16. Spend less time on Facebook, Instagram and email.
  17. Turn off the TV more.
  18. Build my business website.
  19. Take a memorable vacation with Todd and Matthew after his high school graduation (Boston?)
  20. Go on more dates with Todd; or simply talking over coffee.
Here are a few other lists to get the juices flowing:

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