Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

I love lists. I love questions. I love prompts. So when I was catching up on some email between meetings (nice to take a break from supply chain and healthcare issues!), I came across this post from Margaret Feinberg's blog. What a great list of questions to engage your spouse with in advance of Valentine's Day. Numbers 1, 2, 5 are decidedly focused toward Christians but I think there is something here for everyone. Enjoy.

10 Marriage Impact Assessment Questions:
1. Do my actions show you that apart from Jesus Christ, I have no higher love?
2. How well are we serving together?
3. How well am I encouraging your spiritual growth?
4. How well am I maximizing the time we have together?
5. How is our prayer life together?
6. How well am I supporting you to grow in your gifts/skills?
7. Are we discipling our children well together? How convinced are you that parenting is truly a partnership?
8. How well am I caring for your friends?
9. How is our physical expression of our love? [ahem, the language of this question has been edited]
10. What can I do to love you better?

The entire post:

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Pour it out. Dump it down. Throw it out. Empty every bag,
box and bureau. Empty every closet, every corner, every
cupboard, every cell. Pull it out. Drag it out. Clean it
out. Clear it out. Spread it out, sort it out. Look at
what you've collected, what you've stored, what
you carry around with you every day of your
life. Empty out the old, the unwanted,
the unusable. Empty out the pain, the
heartache, the memories. Empty
everything that offers nothing.
Leave things empty for a
while. Feel empty. Feel the
lack. Feel your way
through the
until at last
you feel
ready to
"Empty" by Rachel Snyder from Lists That Saved My Life by Angel Tuccy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Day of the Year...a New Book

One of my favorite things to do at the start of a new year...pick a new devotional. This year I have selected Marshall Johnson's Psalms through the Year: Spiritual Exercises for Every Day. It is currently on sale at Christian Book Distributors for only $2.99!
January 1: Psalm 1:1-3 - Advice for the New Year
"The turn of the year is a transition for everyone, a time to reflect on what has been and to anticipate (or fear) what might be in the coming months. Resolutions - both superficial and serious - are made, most to be quickly forgotten and perhaps a few to lead to healthy changes in lifestyle. Psalm 1 offers sound advice at this turning point...."
"O God, in this new year increase in me the desire to seek your will and to meditate on it. Amen."