Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2

Sitting on the hotel bed after a business dinner, watching 9News, pondering the day. Feeling how Mary must have felt trudging toward Bethlehem; filled with baby unborn. Discomfort, one step in front of the other. Knowing the destination but the journey a challenge.

Wishing for a miracle for Matthew. Freedom from math. Freedom from that particular school suffering. Not a thing I can do. Stand and watch. Pray and beg for His mercy and grace to flood College Algebra. I know He has a plan. That success or failure in Math 121 won't change the destination. But the journey is brutal and tedious and filled with such repetitive discouragement.

All I can do is pray for Matthew's vision to focus on the destination and faithfulness to that one step in front of the other, trudging toward the finish line. Oh to hear the angels rejoice in a passing grade and freedom from math!

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