Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Canada Retrospective...Kootenay National Park

Back to Canada...Our first adventure into British Columbia, and a park outside Banff, was Kootenay National Park. Our goal was the Radium Hot Springs but there was plenty of other water along the way. 
 Kootenay in British Columbia.
And on the road to the Radium Hot Springs...
another gorgeous day.

We have been at so many spots on the
Continental Divide and now Canada.

They are not kidding when they say
to watch for wildlife.

Spectacular vistas around every corner.
We stopped to take in Marble Canyon.
All I can say is "wow." LOVED!
Todd on one of the many bridges that
crisscrossed the canyon.
I thought the rocks carved by water
were fabulous.
The water below.

This is the reward at the top of the canyon.
The burn remnants from a past fire
and more spectacular water.

This was an unplanned stop...
more amazing water.
Is this not the coolest about a great root system.

I loved these rockes just above the

My brother Peter the incredible photographer.
Our lunch stop at the historic Kootenay Lodge.
Our lunch companion...we would later see a
live one on our way home. So cool.
The mountain goats dotted this hill on
beside the road so of course we slowed
 to take a few pictures.
Momma and baby.
The destination ... hot springs. Awwwwwww.
The men...Todd with no tan, Peter freshly back from
a trip to Aruba, and Matthew sporting the swim shirt.
It was beautiful and very refreshing.
The drive back to Canmore. What is not to love?

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