Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Canada Retrospective...Banff National Park Part 2

In Banff we reveled in the vistas at Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, the Lake Agnes Teahouse (not so much the hike to get there but the teahouse was really novel), Sunshine Meadows, the Bow Valley Parkway looking for wildlife, the Lake Minnetonka cruise and simply walking around the town. For this post I'll concentrate on our drive along the Bow Valley Parkway and our trip to Moraine Lake...the step sister to Lake Louise, but just as spectacular.

Looking for animals!
Not a bad view to enjoy every day we
 were in Banff and driving the Parkwa.y

There are few words for the Bow River framed
by the Canadian Rockies...just gorgeous.
Oh yes...a black bear sighting!
And this beauty graced us by coming out of the woods
 to give us a great look.
The drive to Lake Moraine.

Our first look at Lake Moraine.
So turquiose and reflective.
Matthew, in full CU hoodie, going in
for a closer look.
On the lake front walk and looking back at the lake's edge.
The lake front path. The blue lake peeking through the trees.
The farther in we walked the more amazing the
snowcapped peaks were.
The glacier comes into view.
A reminder...and we saw so many.

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