Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 6: Ordinary Time

Today is Epiphany. Marking the journey of the Magi to find Christ after his birth. A surprisingly great opportunity after the flurry of activity of Advent and celebration of Incarnation on Christmas Day, to focus on journey. More specifically my journey to discover the Christ child, daily.

This season is also called Ordinary Time in the church calendar.

I love this explanation by Joan Chittister, The Liturgical Year:

"The time between Christmas and Lent, and the time between Pentecost and Advent (are) known as Ordinary Time, time outside the seasons of the two great feasts of the church. Time to rest in the contemplation of those centers of the faith that are the lodestones of our souls...in this period that is between the two poles of the life of Jesus, we get to pause awhile. To take it all in. To make the connection between that life, that reality, and our own. Ordinary time gives us time to contemplate the intersection between the life of Jesus and our own...In the liturgical year, we live the life of Jesus day after day until one day it becomes our own."

I want "to take it all in."

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