Thursday, March 14, 2013

Books, Books, and More Books!

Time to do a bit of book review catch up. I've decided in 2013 to do less book reviewing for publishers, and more book reviewing from my own library. (Although I just received an advance copy of Dan and Chip Heath's new book - without requesting it -- Decisive: How to Make Better choices in Life and Work. Not complaining!)

I logged only 17 books read last year, well short of my goal of 24.  But in January and February 2013 I already finished five books! January business travel was very good for book reading as was my two-to-three-hours-a-day compute to my client's offices.

The Weight of Mercy, Deb Richardson-Moore
This book is a must read for all who serve at Open Door fellowship/Ministries or those simply passionate for the poor. I laughed throughout this wonderful memoir of a journalist turned pastor of an inner city ministry. Her journey paralleled our own that I savored her words. She like us went to seminary at mid-life -- simply following God's call. And like us she landed in an unexpected place. The inner city of West Greenville, North Carolina. Her stories of the addicted, homeless poor, emotionally and spiritually impoverished could easily have been written about those in the Open Door Fellowship congregation. She learned so many of the lessons we did, the hard way. There is no manual for such ministry. This is a wonderful and entertaining read.

Leadership 101, John Maxwell
This great book was "read" on my drive to work - a minimum one hour each way weather depending. Yep, it was an audio book. But I enjoyed it so much that I now have The Complete 101 Collection. Leadership 101 is one of eight books in the collection, and has great counsel on the development of a leader, the traits of a leader adn the impact of a leader. A great audiobook for my commute.

The Hidden Life of Prayer, David McIntrye
This was one of those Kindle finds that I couldn't resist at $.99 - thank you Tim Challies for the recommendation. Well, this little book is more than worth the change. It's quite a treasure. I read it on an airplace ride to Florida (business!) and I kept highlighting passage after passage. It is written by David McIntyre (1859 – 1938), a Scottish preacher and Principal of the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow from 1913 to 1938. I do love Scottish preacher: "The soil in which the prayer of faith takes root is a life of unbroken communion with God, a life in which the windows of the soul are always open towards the City of Rest."

Living in the Land of Enough, Courtney Carver
And this was the ebook I read on the flight home. Another quick read and inexpensive Kindle acquisition - $.99! This is a book about choice. Choosing to choose less. The chapters span the topics of Money, Time, Diconnect, Food, Space, Entertainment, Gratitude and the simple fact that You are Enough. I love that last one. I think it's the reason I stuggle with Much. Great ideas, great encouragement.

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business, Patrick Lencioni
This is my new favorite business book -- and a great "read" on my commute to client's offcies. I was introduced to the content at this past year's Global Leadership Summit. I'm a big fan of Patrick Lencioni and I believe this is his best book yet. This is one of those rare business books that is about the hard and soft sides of a successful business. I was chewing on a variety of topics as I went through it -- sharing with my husband and how it applied to the Church and with clients about how the information could challenge their organization. Excellent. We picked up the hard copy on this one for future reading.

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