Sunday, December 9, 2012

Year-End Inventory

It's been several weeks since I blogged. My journey has been full of work assignments (always a good thing) and frankly I haven't had anything to say. But today I have been doing some self-employment tax planning, figuring out how to secure healthcare for our family in 2013 without bankrupting us or putting us at financial risk by not having enough or the right insurance, and so on, and so on.

And while I pondered these weighty topics I came across this blog by Barbara Winters, Her latest post is about taking a year-end inventory -- exactly consistent with my type-A, list-obsessed personality. I actually already do something like this every year, in the same way that Todd and I have always done financial planning and goal setting around January 1.

So I share with you Barbara's inventory list and hope it provides you with some food for thought about 2012 and perhaps some prompts for goal setting in 2013: 

° What can you do now that you couldn’t do (or hadn’t done) at the start of the year?
° Where have you been that you hadn’t been a year ago?
° What have you learned?
° What problems have you solved?
° What has inspired you?
° How have you celebrated?
° What investments have you made in yourself?
° What new profit centers have you created? Launched?
° What new books have you read?
° What new connections have you made?
° What did you instigate?
° Which of your ideas are coming to life?
° What are you proudest of?
° Where have you made the most progress?
° What disappointments have you overcome?
° What unexpected gifts appeared?
° What would you like more of next year? Less of?

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