Sunday, December 18, 2011

Finding Less in Christmas

Last year I was swamped with work to the point that our Christmas tree almost didn't happen.  Two days before Christmas, out of mother guilt for a son's Christmas experience, I hoisted the tree, strung the lights and quickly spread on the ornaments.  I was actually very glad I did, for us all.  However the tree then stayed up until March because I simply didn't have the time or energy to put it all away again.

This year, freshly self-employed via an unexpected layoff, I just knew Christmas would be different this year.  But that passion for extensive decorating that would transformed my home into a visual Christmas Currier and Ives scene, simply didn't show up. 

The tree, fresh from it's cocoon in the basement crawl space, was only just lit with lights two days ago.  It looks beautiful. But it has no ornaments, just lights. And we've decided to keep it that way this year. The only other decorations this year are four nativity scenes, placed in places where I can enjoy them. I love the nativity scenes most.

It is so simple. I suspect at some point I might return to a more adorned season.  But for now I am enjoying the freedom and simplicity of finding so much less at Christmas that I can see more of Him.


  1. I live in Castle Rock - Yaay to Douglas County! I am from Kenya so I enjoy the beautiful house and decors, I never tire doing it since I grew up with no electricity or running water water.. I look at this day thanking Jesus from bring me this far but many time I end up feeling guilty after reading all this blogs on keeping it simple etc. I think we can celebrate Christ in a beautifully decorate home too right?

    see my post and let me know

  2. Nancy, that you for your comment. One of the most beautiful and adorned gifts we can give God is our hearts. I am a hugh fan of offering God beauty -- some years that will be external decorations (oh how I love to decorate for Christmas!) and other years like this one it is more internal. I pray you have a wonderful Christmas.