Monday, June 24, 2013

Five More Days

What a crazy season this is. I have been reading many of my favorite bloggers and gleaning great encouragement (and a few laughs). While I blog really just for me...a place to express and emote, I hope that something in my journey is an encouragement to others and not just self absorption.

So we are down to five more days of ministry at Open Door Fellowship. Todd packed his Jeep with a bunch of empty boxes. His desk has been sold on Craig's List; his "counseling couch" donated to the ODF youth group. All that remains are files and books - lots of books!

They will sit in our garage along with the bookcases awaiting a new home at a new job. The unknown.

He has a handful of final meetings and then one last Sunday. And then seven years at ODF will be complete. When we said yes to serving in the inner city, dependent on support (no salary or benefits), Todd and I agreed to five years. We wanted to make a serious commitment.

Well, at five years I lost my job and it would have been convenient for Todd to move on to a salary, but we served on. We completed closer to seven years. At various moments this past month, I've cried. The memories sweet for the most part.

But it was over six months ago when Todd and I both knew that God was pressing us on. Our passion and concern is for those in the marketplace. Both Todd and I come from the market and our hearts are attuned to those who are called to walk faithfully in corporations and offices and manufacturing floors and in the field.

We are listening right now. July brings its own challenges, but opportunities as well.

We live expectantly.

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