Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

I love lists. I love questions. I love prompts. So when I was catching up on some email between meetings (nice to take a break from supply chain and healthcare issues!), I came across this post from Margaret Feinberg's blog. What a great list of questions to engage your spouse with in advance of Valentine's Day. Numbers 1, 2, 5 are decidedly focused toward Christians but I think there is something here for everyone. Enjoy.

10 Marriage Impact Assessment Questions:
1. Do my actions show you that apart from Jesus Christ, I have no higher love?
2. How well are we serving together?
3. How well am I encouraging your spiritual growth?
4. How well am I maximizing the time we have together?
5. How is our prayer life together?
6. How well am I supporting you to grow in your gifts/skills?
7. Are we discipling our children well together? How convinced are you that parenting is truly a partnership?
8. How well am I caring for your friends?
9. How is our physical expression of our love? [ahem, the language of this question has been edited]
10. What can I do to love you better?

The entire post:

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