Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Can Do Hard Things

My new favorite life phrase. I can do hard things. I can.

We all have days when it just isn't working out. Or days when we feel protective of our lives because things are going very well, and we know that our lives are seasons. So spring turns to summer, and summer fall and fall winter and winter back to spring.

Circumstances are only permanent if we make them so.

I can do hard things. I can.

I know today. I have responsibility to and for my today. I can do hard things today. Not every day will require courage. But many may or will. I can do hard things.

This fall season many turn immediately to spring or it may press on into winter. I don't know. Frankly I'm not sure I should care. I know who I am and whose I am. I can do hard things. He enables me to do hard things. And even in hard things there can be joy. The best kind. His kind.

That means tomorrow holds great promise.

Today I can do hard things.

(Special note: Today 39 years ago this very day I chose to follow Jesus through every season of life. And I can testify with confidence - He is good. He has shown me that I can do hard things.)

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