Wednesday, June 27, 2012


deep adj. \dep\
1. very intense or extreme
2. profound or penetrating in awareness or understanding

I love the word deep. It makes me think of rich long conversations with my husband. It's sitting with a girlfriend and listening for hours to a heart poured out. Deep can't be superficial. Deep is vulnerable and thoughtful and often intense. Deep asks penetrating questions. Deep can also be goes to places long buried. It is roots down "deep" in the dark earth.

Matthew is at his first summer sleepover camp this week. Thankfully he is up in the Winter Park, Colorado area which seems to be one of the few places in Colorado not on fire. He heard about Deep Camp at a school chapel and immediately knew he wanted to go. He had second thoughts on the way up to Snow Mountain Ranch, but by the time he got all his check-in stuff done and I was leaving, he was already busy playing frisbee with other campers. I exchanged Facebook messages with him yesterday and he's having a great time. I can't wait to pick him up Friday and hear all about it on teh two-hour drive home.

I hope he's had a deep experience.

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