Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Days and Sabbath

I love waking up to snow blanketing my world.  The beauty covers the last vestiges of my garden, long past its summer prime.  This morning's mini blizzard, a "snow day" which my son pined for and received, brought the typical Wednesday schedule to a halt; like sabbath.  For more than a moment this morning I again realized how generous our Father is in giving snow days to disrupt the typical flow of the calendar; where the focus of the day became one to play and snuggle, read and nap.  And how generous He is to give me sabbath far more often than snow days.

May my sabbaths be a bit more like snow days.


  1. Sabbath is a passion of mine! I loved this. I too am finding myself (especially over the last year or two, now that my life does not naturally provide it as much) been on the quest for quiet, sabbath, and reflection. I'm encouraged to read that there are more who revel in it. :)

  2. We call them sick days in California (although we did finally get a snow day a few years ago (-:)

    Whatever the reason, it is gracious of God to make us stop.